Welcome To Tripura Sangeet Parishad

Tripura Sangeet Parishad was established in the year 2005. Its main aim is to conduct and arrange Music education training program and examination in the areas of both classical, non classical music and other related fields. It has created a systematic syllabus having included lives and achievements of eminent yesteryear artists and music personalities of Tripura. Biography of the likes of Pulin DevBurman, AnilKrishna DevBurman, SureshKirshna Dev Burman, HemnataKishore DevBurman, Lahari DevBurman, UtpalKrishna DevBurman, Barin DevBurman, Jyotish DevBurman, Narendra DevBurman, Aswini Biswas, Anil Biswas, Tapan Nandy, Biren Ray will be included in to the syllabus of several musical courses.

It has given utmost priority to the methodical teaching in order to cultivate excellent artistic properties blended with strong musical sense and ethics of amongst young learners. With the establishment of this organization, music learners and students of this site are now capable to obtain their musical degree and certificate with in their own state. They are no longer dependent on several organizations based out of other states in order to get their musical qualification. Hundreds of music schools in the state are also benefitted. They can directly apply to this organization to get their affiliation and enroll students to several musical courses affiliated to Tripura Sangeet Parishad. Tripura Sangeet Parishad brings in a new ray of hope in the musical sphere of Tripura ensuring internal growth and prosperity of music education in the state.