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Tripura Sangeet Parishad : Our Story

Tripura Sangeet Parishad was established in the year 2005. Its main aim is to conduct and arrange Music education training program and examination in the areas of both classical, non classical music and other related fields. It has created a systematic syllabus having included lives and achievements of eminent yesteryear artists and music personalities of Tripura. Biography of the likes of Pulin DevBurman, AnilKrishna DevBurman, SureshKirshna Dev Burman, HemnataKishore DevBurman, Lahari DevBurman, UtpalKrishna DevBurman, Barin DevBurman, Jyotish DevBurman, Narendra DevBurman, Aswini Biswas, Anil Biswas, Tapan Nandy, Biren Ray will be included in to the syllabus of several musical courses.

It has given utmost priority to the methodical teaching in order to cultivate excellent artistic properties blended with strong musical sense and ethics of amongst young learners. With the establishment of this organization, music learners and students of this site are now capable to obtain their musical degree and certificate with in their own state. They are no longer dependent on several organizations based out of other states in order to get their musical qualification. Hundreds of music schools in the state are also benefitted. They can directly apply to this organization to get their affiliation and enroll students to several musical courses affiliated to Tripura Sangeet Parishad. Tripura Sangeet Parishad brings in a new ray of hope in the musical sphere of Tripura ensuring internal growth and prosperity of music education in the state.

Tripura Sangeet Parishad : Message from President

Mr. Kalipada Bhattacherjee -President, Tripura Sangeet Parishad

Mr. Gopal Roy - Special Advisor, Tripura Sangeet Parishad

Music has been considered to be a matter of importance and appreciation in the state of Tripura from time immemorial. Undoubtedly, Tripura is a well known name in the arena of Indian music. The Royal family of Tripura is renowned for its rich cultural tradition and fondness for music. Jadu Bhatta, one of the brightest classical musicians of Bengal was honored and given the status of court musician by the king of Tripura, Maharaja Birchandra Manikya Bahadur. Sachin Deb Burman, the famous music composer of Bengali and Hindi movies was born to this royal family of Tripura. Needless to say, music has always been an integral part of life in the royal family of Tripura. Nowadays, music in Tripura is not only confined to the boundary of royal family with the overwhelming development of communication world. This state has its own radio center and Duradarshan Kendra too in the capital city Agartala. In this dynamic age of media and communication, music has become a top priority and an area of interest amongst common people here. Hence, music education has also become an important part of cultural field in Tripura.

A drastic rise in number of musical institutions and centers is a notable trend in various towns and even in villages of the state. Lots of young students get themselves admitted to these music institutions for learning the art of music. But, most of these private institutions are affiliated to several musical organizations based in other states of the country. These private institutions usually follow the syllabus of those organizations while teaching hundreds of young music learners. At the end of their curriculum, students are awarded “diploma” certificate by the respective organization. While pursuing these types of music education courses, our young students never get a chance to know about the rich musical heritage of their own state. They have very little knowledge about yesteryear musical stalwarts of Tripura. This has been considered as a major issue of concern as far as preservation and prosperity of musical heritage and history of Tripura is concerned.

A group of musical personalities and intellectuals of the state decided to find out a way to sort out this important issue. All of their wise thoughts and dedicated efforts came in to the effect with the establishment of “Tripura Sangeet Parishad” in the year of 2005. As the name suggests, it is a musical organization based in Tripura in true sense. Tripura Sangeet Parishad, has created a new dawn in the history of music education in this state. Now, music institutions in several parts of this state can apply for affiliation to this organization. Eminent trainers and Sangeet gurus of Tripura have worked really hard to create the syllabus and curriculum of various courses offered by Tripura Sangeet Parishad. Now, young students will come to know about the lives and achievements of eminent musical personalities of our own state in the process of obtaining their music education diploma and certificate. So, this is indeed a noble effort. All music lovers and musical institutions of this state should treat it as a moral duty being a part of this honest and sincere venture. Tripura Sangeet Parishad has the true potential and prospect to be a face of music education of Tripura. Let a new era of musical journey begin!!

With Thanks,

Mr. Kalipada Bhattacherjee
President, Tripura Sangeet Parishad
West Tripura

Tripura Sangeet Parishad- Curriculum

Tripura Sangeet Parishad has designed and prepared the syllabus and course content of several programs after extensive research and methodical planning. All of these course contents are developed by recognized experts in their own musical sphere keeping in mind about the requirements and aspirations of the interested students.A well planned music learning program ensuring high level of perfection and educative value is key aspect to all the courses offered by the organization. At the present moment, courses and examinations are offered in the following 17 categories:

Examinations in the above mentioned areas are conducted through several affiliated centers in the state in a safe and secured environment with professional expertise and efficiency.

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